EtimApi ETIM International Webservices

General info

ETIM API offers you the latest and the greatest of ETIM data

The ETIM API offers you the JSON services of the ETIM classification system.



ETIM API Documentation

The documentation of the ETIM API is based on swagger.

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OAuth2 is used for authorization of the services.

For authorization of the services, OAuth2 is used. This is a token based authentication. To use the services from your application (server-to-server), you will need a client_id/client_secret.

No client_id yet? Request a client_id/client_secret!

Request a client_id/client_secret!

Test client

To see the services in action use our test client

To test our webservices we found it very convenient to use the multiplatform tool VSCODE together with the REST Client extension. We made the code for testing the services publicly available, so you can have a head start.

Get the ETIM API Rest client